Fit for FloodFit for FloodFit for FloodFit for FloodFit for FloodFit for FloodFit for Flood

The Delta City of the Future is a city where trained and educated people live: the people know about the threats, the local landscape realities and waterdynamics. They are fit for flood, they are Delta Urbanites.

High finances to provide infrastructural centralised safety cannot be raised anymore with the climate change. Besides new infrastructural solutions people have to become fit for flood.

The project fit for flood proposes spatial and social longterm program for the city of Hamburg. The project Fit for Flood suggests 12 low cost projects for the tidal city of Hamburg that help to become a Delta Urbanite.

1. Learn about the landscapes and waterscapes topography, 2. New waterscapes with tidal dynamic in the city: small floodplain for peoples experience, 3. Experience the topography and sites of floodsafety, 4. Learn about historical and new refuges, 5. Flood-Storytelling in schools, 6. Experiences with the strength of water and learn to swim, 7. New informationsystems for tide and floodrisks: geo-games, 8. Learn to read natural signs: weather and the behavior of animals, 9. Setup safety in the upper floors, 10. The dike as a park: experience and learn about infrastructure as a park, 11. Waterscapes in the city: floodplains in public spaces for people‘s experiences, 12. Sailing school: experience wind, weather and tidal dynamics

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07/2010, Auslober: unseco ihe, Team: Sabine Rabe, Hille von Seggern, Antje Stokman, Zeichnungen und Grafik: Christiane Bruckmann, antonberta design